Thursday, March 18, 2010

An Eye Opening Experience

Today, I attended Cornell’s Big Red Event at the San Francisco Airport Marriot, and now I absolutely cannot wait to go to Cornell this summer. Everything that was spoken about at the event was eye opening. Cornell’s an amazing school, with amazing programs that allow you to study and think outside of the box at the same time. I spoke with a couple of Alumni, and listened to their stories about the school. I told them about the Ivy League Connection and how I’ll be attending Cornell this summer for the Hotel Operations and Management, they all reassured me the school campus is beautiful. They also said I should have a great time there.

I took notes on the discussion in this notebook, and I took a picture of it, because I really liked how they had pins all over the place. Although, I didn’t see Andrew or Alex there, I hope their experience was as eye opening as mine.

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  1. Jacky,

    I know the hour is late but perhaps when you have the time you can regale us with stories of your visit with the Cornellian alums.

    Just how big was this event that you were unable to spot your cohorts while there?