Sunday, February 28, 2010

On Our Way To A Great Summer

Hello fellow Cornellians!

I would like to say that I am very excited for this blogging experience, for I have never blogged before, as I don't have a facebook, twitter, or a myspace. Nonetheless, I am willing to learn how to use this blogging experience so that I, as well as everyone else involved, will get the most out of it.

I cannot thank Mr. Ramsey, Don Gosney, Ms. Kronenberg, Ms. Lamons, and Mrs. Kaplan enough for believing in every single one of us, taking their time to meet up with us numerous times to discuss important matters, exchanging emails and information for our benefit, and just making all this possible.

I am sure that this will be one of the most memorable summer experiences of our lives and everyone will leave Cornell as better, more educated scholars. Hopefully, everyone will have something to take away from the experience.

Lastly, as Alex said, let the blogging commence!

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  1. Chris,

    It's just my opinion here but you're to be commended for being a young person and have avoided the pitfalls of texting, twittering, Facebooking and any of the multitude of alternatives to personal communication that are so prevalent these days

    Even blogging has a bad rap. Go to almost all of the web browsers and check out their news pages and you'll find that most of them have replaced real reporting with blogs. Instead of a trusted news reporter we have Billy Bob giving us his opinion about an event. It's not the same and I fear that too many people won't know the difference--or care.

    With our blogs, though, we're hoping not for news but for your thoughts and opinions. We want to learn of your observations and your thoughts about what you're seeing and experiencing. In this way perhaps we can all become better informed and develop new perspectives on the world around us.

    You've already taken the first step, Chris, by posting this, your first blog. The world will only get bigger from this point on.