Friday, April 16, 2010

Thanks to the School Board

Greetings Blogosphere!

My ILC experience so far has been full of hurdles that had to be leapt. I am 100% positive this will not change, but recently the final phase of the approval process has been completed: acceptance by the WCCUSD School Board and Superintendent. I am simply elated to inform you that Superintendent Bruce Harter and the five members of the School Board unanimously approved of the continuance of our Ivy League excursions this summer. I cannot possibly convey how happy this makes me, but I will try.

To know that everything has been approved for my summer course is an excellent feeling. Events such as the ten grueling minutes to find out if I had made it past the interview, waiting months to know if the ILC would provide additional funding for an alternate (myself) to obtain a solid slot and the longest wait so far, Cornell University's acceptance, left me biting my nails (literally) in the hope of receiving positive results. But now, knowing that the acceptance of the School Board and Superintendent is no longer a question takes a huge weight off of my shoulders! This was the final step to whether I would be able to attend a University of the prestigious Ivy League, and the trip has been completely approved! I must say that this feeling is quite exhilerating.

Now, I would just like to express my gratitude to the members of the School Board and the Superintendent for knocking down this final wall. My thanks go out to Superintendent Bruce Harter and School Board members Tony Thurmond, Antonio Medrano, Audrey Miles, Madeline Kronenberg and, of course, Charles Ramsey. I cannot thank you all enough for allowing me to embark on this journey of knowledge that only comes once in a lucky lifetime. You have done more for me than I could ever ask for and I am eternally grateful for it. Thank you so much.

I'm going to sign off for now, but I will return soon. The deadline for the school board meeting on May 12 approaches and I will definitely be blogging about my experience that night. Until then though, this is Alex Elms signing off.

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  1. Great post Alex, and yes the final wall and hurdle are cleared. You and the other six students are now cleared to travel to Ithaca to participate in the prestigious Cornell University Summer College.

    This year more than others I am glad that Cornell provided a scholarship. This opened up a slot and allowed for us to send the alternate. However, just a little secret. Even if Cornell had not offered a scholarship, I would have found a way to send you. You are too good of an addition to the program to have left home.

    I can say without reservation that you have been a model student and a great addition to the Ivy League Connection. You were selected to speak at our annual dinner with the Cornell alums because of your exemplary behavior and work.

    Now is the time to redouble your efforts. Now is the time to squeeze everything out of this experience. Realize this is your time and that it will come and go quickly. So take full advantage of this opportunity.

    Talk with soon. Once again, Bravo!

    Charles T. Ramsey, Esq.
    School Board Member
    West Contra Costa
    Unified School District