Sunday, April 18, 2010

To Boldly Go

The title, "To Boldy Go," a slight excerpt from the Star Trek introduction is the perfect way to reflect how I feel about this summer my peers and myself are embarking through the ILC. It feels quite surreal as if all this is really happening, am I really going to go across the country to become immersed in a part of what makes the reputable ILC.? The reality is that we are boldly venturing into new territory and coming out more responsible, developed students.
One thing about this sensation of journeying is that it takes two meanings, a literal and figurative one. The literal meaning is that we are leaving our West Coast in which most of us see as home to the other side of the country where most of us is pretty unfamiliar with. The expectations of seeing things and meeting people unlike the culture found in the Bay Area is probably very high. But the more important meaning is the figurative meaning, in which all of the members of the ILC are adventuring on a level of knowledge; being able to pursue their desired intellect and develop it to become more adept to college calibur. Both these are quite exciting, but one cannot dismiss the journey getting to be part of the ILC and to now.
I remember how intimidating it was in front of the judging panel during the interviews for the Cornell program. Seeing all those judges from prestigious colleges, an engineer, and notable public figures such as Mr. Ramsey was definitely nerve wracking. Aside from the nervousness, I felt some doubts as to being able to keep up with all my AP classes, extracurriculars such as music, and fit in the ILC. It would be hard but I knew it was not impossible.
But the point of this nervousness and doubts is that there are plenty of people who came to support me. Being able to have other students as well as Ms.Kaplan, Don Gosney, and Mr. Ramsey, the preparation part for this big summer was well underway. I feel they kept me on task and help me raise my level for what is expected from me. Their contributions to the program as well as my learning experience evokes immeasurable gratitude from me.
Recently, the WCCUSD Board of Education and Superintendent Bruce Harter has approved our trip to Cornell this year and given us their support to allow us to continue working towards our education. It shows that what we are doing in the ILC is of great significance as we are representatives of our school district at a broader level. I promise to do my best and return my gratitude to the board and superintendent through my efforts at Cornell and those at my own school.

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  1. I don't know about Star Trek, even that was a little before my time, but I do know that each of you had the courage to compete. You will find in life that this value is important to being successful.

    Success takes smarts, but more importantly it take a lot of effort. So you see that not only your smarts, but your efforts yielded the desired result. You have to always understand that opportunities like this are rare, but that when these opportunities happen you have to "boldly go" and make the most of it.

    The Ivy League Connection program leaves no stone unturned. We do everything by the book and we are incredibly detailed. This is not something that you see in our beleaguered school district, but the fact remains that our program has those attributes.

    When you are at Cornell and in your classes you will value and thank the Ivy League Connection for providing you the advice to help you become successful. It is up to you to accept the advice and follow our instruction. I believe if you "buy in" to our concepts and our practices that you will see tremendous success.

    Here we are in these economically challenged times and we have found a way to continue this worthy program. I hope that you understand and comprehend that our persistence and willingness to "make the case" creates these opportunities.

    Thanks again Andrew. I hope that you will continue to keep your eyes open to the possibilities and that you will keep an open mind to embracing these emerging opportunities.

    Enjoy the balance of your day.

    Charles T. Ramsey, Esq.
    School Board Member
    West Contra Costa
    Unified School District