Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Brand New Inspiration

Last Thursday night, we had our Alumni dinner at One Market Restaurant in San Francisco. We left the house early, convinced we were going to be early, but we confused ourselves, and showed up to Del Notre Bart Station instead of El Cerrito Plaza. Great job Jacky. It all worked out though, we got on the train, and met up with everyone else at the next stop. One Market Restaurant, was great. They really accommodate you with everything, while you’re waiting to be seated you can have drinks, and appetizers. We were all seated, and Mrs. Kronenberg began to speak. My stomach dropped and I knew, soon I would have to go up and speak. As she continued to speak, the anticipation inside my stomach grew. I took out my little flash card with bullet points just in case I blanked, and walked up after my introduction. Almost immediately after I started speaking, I calmed down, and I realized, I didn’t need the flash card, so I rolled it up in my hands. After I was done speaking, I gave the floor to Alex, and I was so relieved it had all gone well. He did an amazing job as well. We spoke about our speeches a little before hand, and we both had the same plan. Written bullets and improvisation. It’s safe to say, we both chose the best method.

After dinner, I felt motivated, inspired by all of the alumni. Knowing they were my age once, and now they’re all successful people. It makes me truly believe I can be successful just like them. It helps to have examples, to have true stories to keep us motivated.

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