Thursday, May 20, 2010

Meeting with the Pinole City Council

The Front of the City Council Town Hall Meeting

All the Pinole Valley High School students that are with the ILC this year, had the honor of attending a city council meeting where they were formally introduced.

We sat in the very front row; our eyes were directly set towards the Pinole City Council, who was sitting just directly in front of us. This isn't my first time attending a city council meeting, but I must admit, the presence of the council members still create an intimidating atmosphere.

Even after the memorable school board meeting last week, I still haven't completely gotten over the wonderful fact that I, along with my fellow peers, will be this year's ILC ambassadors. Although we've been presented to the WCCUSD, it was still quite the honor to stand before our own city's council and declare our participation. Despite it being a smaller group and at a much smaller scale, the ILC continues to make its mark in its various cities. Pinole had already been marked by the ILC, but after that night, the mark had gotten so much deeper.

One by one, we lined up to the podium and faced the council. Nervous, but excited at the same time, I told them my name, current school and grade, and past education - just as the people before and after me had done. As we watched our fellow classmates give their little introduction, we waited on the side. Eventually, all of us were finished. Now we were a long line of bright young scholars overlooking a diverse crowd. I could just feel how proud and impressed they were.

Directly after wards, Don Gosney came by with his large camera. He wanted all of us to pose in a picture with the city council. That, to me, was such an honor. Normally, citizens look up to their leaders. But that night, we, as citizens, were looked up open by the council.

Nevertheless, this short and sweet meeting with the council was a great addition to our participation in the ILC. My desire to go increased largely, thanks to the council's kind and encouraging words. I am very happy that they had invited us because it shows just how much they cared and believed in the ILC. The Ivy League Connection, as it stands now, contains numerous supporters. Now, we can add the city Pinole as one of them.

Fellow Cornell Peer, Andrew Woo (Junior) talks to Charles Ramsey about Measure D.

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