Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Front Row in the Council Chamber

Last night, the ILC scholars from Pinole Valley High School were honored by the Pinole City Council. This was certainly another monumental event for my Ivy League Connection experience. It was a brief encounter, but special nontheless.

The seven of us entered the council chambers and sat in the front row. We were third on the agenda for the night and we were introduced by Ms. Kahn, Mr. Ramsey and Ms. Kaplan, each of whom had nothing but praise for the hard work we have done and are soon to encounter. Each time Mr. Ramsey, Ms. Kaplan or anyone else gives us praise for the work we have done so far, it encourages me to keep going the extra mile so that I may continue to earn their respect as well as the respect of others.

After we were introduced, we each gave a brief speech telling the council who we were, where and what we are going to study and what schools we have attended prior to Pinole Valley. Mr. Ramsey had said beforehand that we would speak of the importance of the ILC, so I was expecting to give a 2-3 minute speech. It turned out to be just about 15 seconds! Once again I was relieved to know I got anxious for nothing. After our speeches, Don took pictures of the seven of us with the entire council! That was an honor I wasn't quite expecting. After the picture, the council gave a few sentiments about how proud they were of all of our diligence. Once again, my determination to go the extra mile was bolstered by their very kind words.

Last night was another one of our memorable ILC nights that will stick with me. I grow more and more anxious for our departure as the days go by. Tomorrow is another big day because we are having our dinner at the One Market Restaurant with the Cornell alumni and I have been given the honor of speaking. Until my next blog (which will most likely be tomorrow or the next day) I'm signing off.

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