Monday, June 28, 2010

Antony falls hard!!

Finally, the day of the classes begin. I went to bed nervous, excited, and just couldn’t wait for tomorrow to finally come. While in bed early this morning around 1:00 A.M., there was a massive thunderstorm. There were loud noises, and rainfall was bountiful. At first both my roommate Jordan and I were unsure of what it actually was, but after a few seconds we quickly figured out the nature of the storm. Even through the storm, I quickly fell back asleep, and couldn’t wait for tomorrow to turn into today. Now today has finally come and I’m ready to commence my class, and challenge any opposition that comes my way. Jordan, and I woke up very early, at around 6:20 A.M., so we just got ready early, because it’s better to be early than late.
After getting dressed the day was now on its way. Yesterday Jordan met my Pinole/Hercules friends, so he came with me to meet our fellow group members for breakfast. We all reminded each other, whatever we talk about, do not bring up politics at the table, because of the argument that ensued yesterday. At breakfast the three hotel students (Jacky, Beilul, and Chris) left early to head for their long walk to the Statler. About 15 minutes later our freedom and justice group left to our lecture hall, which seemed to be and endless walk.
We arrived around 20 minutes early, and all you reading should be proud to hear that we all took the closest seats to Professor Kramnick. We had about an hour and a half lecture from Professor Kramnick on how to correctly write notes, the introduction to the class, how the course is organized, and getting to know everyone. Before the class even started an associate of ours Antony, fell really hard down the long stairs in the lecture hall. All about 82 students minus us ILC students laughed, and Antony just shook his head, laughed, and said “whatever.” At his expense, the class’s mood was lightened, and there was less tension. The lecture went well, and when it was over we proceeded to get lunch. Today was the first day that well all ate at the lunch hall called Trillium. Though the food at our previous dining hall (Appel) was good, the food at Trillium was ten times better. After lunch we broke into four separate groups with our teachers assistants (T.A.’s). We had a brief discussion about “what is freedom?”, and the after we wrote a short essay on our opinions. The homework for tonight’s class is to read the New Testament, Saint Augustine, and Saint Aquinas. This read shall be interesting pertaining to separation of church and state, and the “Two Cities” mentioned by Augustine.
After class we all headed to the campus store, I bought some flip flops, and we all just toured the store. As soon as we were ready to leave the store, the clouds of Heaven opened up, and the rain began to fall. We contemplated as to wait in the store until the rain stopped, but the rain seemed steady, so we walked through the rain for about 20 minutes. By the time we got back to the dorms I was soaked. Even though there was an abundance of rain, it was still very hot, and humid.
As soon as we Kramnick Kids (Freedom and Justice Student’s new nick name) got back to the dorms we began to blog on what had happened in the day so far. After the start of our blogs, we all went down for dinner in Appel, it’s definitely no Trillium. After dinner us Kramnick kids went to study the assigned work. The study group was getting intense when discussing religion, but all in all it was fine. I look forward to tomorrow’s discussion, and look to hear opinions from other high school students. We finished our studies with a total of 2.5 hours, I’m ready to sleep! Goodnight all.

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  1. Andrew,
    It sounds as though your first day of class went well for you, even though the unfortunate Antony took a spill. The weather you describe is typical of what I was raised with (being from the Midwest). Enjoy the change of scenery. It will make you appreciate California weather - although it currently is windy and cool here. Also, I am glad that the "Kramnick Kids" found a place to eat that they can all appreciate. Take care.

    Darlene Elms