Tuesday, June 22, 2010

My Departing Words

Well, this is it.

In less than twelve hours, I will be at the front of El Cerrito High School with my fellow Cornellians, waiting to take the shuttle bus to SF airport and board our flight to the East Coast. A lot is going through my head right now, specifically the wave of emotions I feel towards going to Cornell in a matter of days.

There is so much in store for us in the next couple of weeks, so many wonderful and unknown adventures just waiting for us. I get very thrilled just thinking about all the new things we will see, experience, try, and learn. It makes it even more exciting when I think about how everything that we will be doing, won't just be for ourselves, but will also be for the people back home. It is truly an honor to be an ILC ambassador for the WCCUSD and I continue to thank everyone that has made such a wonderful program possible, from the bottom of my heart.

I'm also no stranger to the recent activities of my fellow ILC Brownies. Ever since they left for the East Coast, I've been reading their blogs, and I have to say - it's inspiring! It's one thing to hear from alums and the adults when it comes to what summer at Cornell will be like, but it's also another to hear from a fellow peer's own experience in their respected schools. Their adventures constantly make me wonder what will be in store for us, once we get there as well.

As it is getting late and everything I need for my trip is packed and ready, all that awaits me now is sleep. I just hope that all this excitement won't keep me from getting some good rest!

See you later on the other side of the country!

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  1. Dyana,

    You almost brought tears to my eyes/ The way you described what's happening to you it's almost as though it might be life-changing.

    Of course, depending on what you do with this opportunity, it really can open doors for you and provide you with options that might not otherwise have been available.

    At the time of this comment you boarded your plane nearly seven hours ago and should have arrived in Syracuse by now.

    I want to thank you and your fellow Cornellians for arriving on time this morning and being prepared for the trip. It made things much easier on the ILC support staff and probably less stressful for you all as well.

    We look forward to reading the blogs from Ithaca later this evening once you all get settled in to your hotel.