Saturday, June 26, 2010

Watch Out Cornell, Here we Come

Today marked the beginning of our three week voyage in Ithaca, New York. We woke up at around 7 P.M., and met in the lobby of the Sheraton hotel. Yesterday my roommate and I were late because we over slept, well today four other individuals were late, but this didn’t cause any conflicts in our schedule. We went to have breakfast in the hotel and again the food was delicious. We ate fairly quickly, packed our belongings in the car, and headed for Cornell University.
The car ride was about two hours, but as usual we all had fun together on the car rides, laughing, joking, singing, and even dancing in some cases. We finally arrived in the quaint town of Ithaca. Everyone noticed that besides the cemetery, there was nothing surrounding it. Cornell is a beautiful college located on East Hill. As soon as we arrived to this prestigious college, we saw the hotel in which the students in hotel management will be attending. When we arrived, the employees at the time were students enrolled in Cornell‘s hotel college. These students will actually be the teacher’s aides for the Hotel Management Program. It was good to see our fellow Cornelian’s interact and get to know their teachers aides.
After Mr. Ramsey and Mrs. Kaplan checked into their hotel, us seven Cornelians’s checked into our programs. First we got our room numbers and dorm house assignments. Next, we received two keys, one room key and one mail key. After that we got our Cornell ID’s, and a Cornell lanyard. We proceeded to get our luggage out of the cars and loaded them into our dorm rooms. When I got into my room, my roommate was already there with his mom and sister. His mom was really nervous, and tried to help him in any way she could, be that making up his bed or putting up his clothes. His name is Jordan he’s a rising junior (class of 2012) like me, and he’s from Austin, Texas. He participates in the drum line at his school. Drum line is a very interact part of the high school experience in Texas. If you’ve seen the show “Friday Night Lights” or “Drum Line” you can tell how important the band is. He also plays tennis, and invited me to play with him any time.
As most of you know ILC stands for the Ivy League Connections, and today all seven of us Cornelian’s made a great number of connections. At lunch we had about twelve people sitting at our table and by dinner there were approximately 20 of us at the table. The students we ate lunch with came from Southern California, New Jersey, Michigan, and even Hong Kong. I was thrilled to see how many connections we built on just the first day.
As a way to get to know everyone there was a mixer, were we had “ice cream frenzy” at approximately 7:30 P.M. It was a great way to get to know new people, and I’m really excited to see what our future beholds. After the mixer there was a mandatory dorm meeting at 9:00. Since I like to tell the truth, I will tell you all that this was one of the most boring, tiring, and grueling, meetings I’ve ever experienced. The meeting lasted over two hours and we had to sit on the hard floors. We had to check into our dorms by midnight and not one minute latter. But for now I will be off to my bed!

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