Thursday, June 24, 2010

Ivy League Misconnection Finally Connects

We’re finally on some kind of schedule again. Yesterday when I ended my blog we were waiting for our flight because we thought it had been delayed. Little did we know, our flight had actually been cancelled. We realized this when we tried boarding a plane to Syracuse at about 1am and our tickets didn’t go through. We were stranded, there were no flights, no hotels, there was nothing to do but wait, sit and try to figure out a plan. Parents were calling, worried, Mr. Ramsey and Mrs. Kaplan were calmly trying to figure out a plan for us to get to Syracuse. Finally, around 4am they had a plan. We would be flying to Hartford, Connecticut at 4pm and then driving for about 5 hours to Syracuse.

After waiting at the Hilton in O’ Hare for like 2 hours we were able to eat breakfast and get into our rooms by 7am. I took a shower, put on some clean clothes on and took a 6 hour nap. Then I got dressed and we all made our way down to the lobby where we were supposed to meet at by 2:30pm. We made our way back to the United terminal, where we eased our way through security without further complications. Our plane took off in a timely manner, and we were finally on our way. The drive went by smoothly as well, until the very end when we were confused and had some miscommunications. I was getting directions with my phone, so I was sitting there writing them down so that I could call Beilu in the other car and give them to her, when in the blink of an eye there was an exit named “EXIT 42” and because I said we had to take “EXIT 42A” everyone in our car, that is Mrs. Kaplan, Andrew Gonzales, Wing So, and Chris Habash were all convinced we had to take this exit. And so we did, despite Mr. Ramsey’s honking at our mistake. We quickly got back onto the freeway and made our way to the Sheraton Syracuse University Hotel.

We’re finally here. I’m exhausted, and we have an early wake-up call tomorrow. Luckily, we’re back on schedule, tomorrow is University of Rochester, Erie Canal, and dinner at the Scotch and Sirloin Restaurant. I’m looking forward to smooth sailing from now on. Like Mrs. Kaplan says, we’re like the Ivy League Misconnection, but we’ve finally connected.

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  1. Jacky,

    Maybe you can smooth things out with Ms. Kaplan but I don't think we'll be changing our letterhead with her suggestion for a new name.

    In all fairness, a bunch of us that weren't with you made all of our connections, flights and freeway offramps so I think any renaming should only apply to the Cornellians. :-)

    Glad you all made it somewhere friendly and safe.

    I had to laugh about that nape of yours, though. You call six hours a nap? Where I live six hours sleep is sleeping in.