Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I need food!

I didn’t want to wake up early today, I was just too tired, but I did because I didn’t want to miss breakfast. If you miss one meal here, then you won’t eat another one for quite some time. I got up, and dressed to head with my fellow Kramnick kids to breakfast. I took a new approach to breakfast today, strictly fruits, grains, and cereal. I still got full enough to sustain my hunger until lunch, and it actually tasted better than the average continental breakfast we’ve been eating. As usual the hotel students left earlier than us. My discovery yesterday seems to be true, every day that goes by the Kramnick kids see less and less of the Hotelies. Hopefully this 4th of July weekend will reunite us.

As we walked to class, we found a new scenic short cut route. It wasn’t that much of a scenic route but, any change in scenery from the average is a pleasure.
We arrived to class about 45 minutes early, and all the seats in the front were already occupied, I guess this shows how serious and competitive most of the students at Cornell are. We had another interesting lecture for an hour and a half discussing St. Thomas Aquinas, and St. Augustine. The major discussion was that Augustine was very pessimistic about man’s ability to be saved, where as Aquinas had more belief in mankind, I guess you could say that Aquinas was more optimistic. Aquinas’ theory that “an unjust law is no law at all” is the platform in which Martin Luther King Jr. based his protest off of.
We moved into our sectional groups after lecture, where we compared and contrasted laws, and how each philosopher (Aquinas, and Augustine) would handle particular scenarios. I’m really intrigued with our sectional groups, and I enjoy the dynamics of the class. We pretty much discussed this the whole time in groups of about seven. I am feeling more confident each day that I’m grasping the material. After our T.A. section was over, we Kramnick kids all ate lunch together at Trillium, the food is definitely better than Appel, but as Jacky and I said, it’s nothing compared to food from home. Also joining us Kramnick kids at lunch was one of my fellow team Kaplan members, Jacky. I enjoyed her company, now we just need to grab the other two hotelians back into the ILC circle. I do understand though that there course is very rigorous, and that’s why I can’t really expect to “hang out” with them until they have a day off.
After lunch we went back to our sectional groups for a writing workshop, but the writing workshop turned out to be an extension off of our previous discussion, regarding Augustine, and Aquinas. I enjoyed the discussion though, so I wasn’t worried.
We have another MANDATORY floor meeting today, how great for us! I hope it’s not too long, and we actually get something out of it. Wish us luck.

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  1. Boy, do I wish that I could be in the middle of your discussions --- what fun!