Saturday, June 26, 2010

Welcome to Cornell

This morning, I was knocked out! We were supposed to meet in the lobby at 8am, and I was startled by my phone vibrating on my face at 8:20am. I said “hello?” Wing answered on the other side saying “Jacky, where are you?” I answered, “Ohmygod, where am I supposed to be?” she woke me up and reminded me “Jacky, we were supposed to meet at the lobby at 8am” I jumped out of bed looked at the clock and said “Oh no, it’s 8:20am, I didn’t hear any kind of alarm, great. I’ll be down in a few minutes.” I threw everything in my suitcases and heard a knock at the door. It was Andrew, he told me Alex and Andrew had over slept as well.


We’re here! We’re finally here and I’m so happy. The drive here from Syracuse was fairly simple, after we got the GPS to work. Cornell is a beautiful campus, everywhere you turn, you’re surrounding by lush green fields, by hills and valleys, by trees and flowers, and it’s amazing. I love meeting new people, everyone’s really nice and it’s easy to talk to everyone because nobody really knows anybody, so we have no choice but to talk to each other, and because we don’t know each other we have an abundance of things to talk about.

Shortly after our arrival we went to check in and get our room keys and ID’s, we also got some really cool Cornell lanyards for them. I signed for my room and noticed that my roommate wasn’t in yet, so I came up to my room on the fourth floor and started settling in. A half an hour later or so, Katie walked came in with her parents. She packed her whole room and brought it with her! Lucky for me though, cause this way we can share. We also decided to rent a refrigerator and microwave, this way we have water bottles in our room, and we can always heat up food if we need to.

We went to two student orientations; the first was for all students attending the summer college program, we learned a quick break down of how we should study and manage our time in order to succeed in the program. Then, the second was specifically for students taking the Hotel Operations and Management course. The professors are great, they’re entertaining and engaging, and they don’t lie. The course is going to be intense, but we’re going to learn a lot, and we’re going to be able to use everything we learn. I’m actually excited for Monday.

There was also an ice cream social, unfortunately we didn’t get very much ice cream and I’m tired, so I decided to head upstairs to the dorms early. I want to shower before our RA meeting at 9:30pm. We don't have brunch until some time around 10:30am tomorrow, we finally get to sleep for a little longer than we normally would.

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  1. Go, Team Kaplan! I am thrilled to hear that your first day went ell -- and that you now have a frig and microwave. Food matters. Ms. K