Sunday, June 27, 2010

A Tough Awakening

This morning my phone alarm rang at 9am, I could not get up. I was so tired, the beds don’t help either, but it’s college life, there’s nothing we can do about it. It was also hot, humid, and slightly sticky. An hour later I got up, showered and got ready. I stepped outside into a hot humid mist and made my way to Apple Commons for brunch. After that my roommate and I made our way back to our room where we hung out for about an hour, I got to talk to Mrs. Kaplan today. I miss our team Kaplan, I hope we all have the chance to hang out this weekend, I really miss it.

Our crash course session was about 3 hours long. I’ve realized that I have to change my ways. I need to sleep more and do something else less. I haven’t quite figured it all out yet, but my theory is: if I sleep more, I’ll somehow be smarter which will make me happier, and I won’t be tired. This will also help me get up easier in the morning, no more tough awakenings.

After the crash course we took the long journey back to our dorms and I took a nap. Andrew, Alex, the other Andrew, and his roommate came by to pick me up and we went to dinner. Then Andrew and I decided to go watch the free movie over at Cornell Cinema. The walk felt like it was miles away! We didn’t really know where we were going either, we decided to wing it and go for it, I figured if we got lost, it would just be another adventure. Luckily we found it just fine, on our way back we even found a shorter way back to our dorms. The movie was “Alice in Wonderland” first and probably last time watching this movie, it’s definitely not one of my favorites.

We had yet another RA meeting today, last night was our first one. It was tedious but they explained all of the rules and regulations of living in the dorm rooms. Today we had cookies, then split up into groups to play an ice breaker.

Now we all got together in the lobby downstairs to blog before check-in at 11pm. I’m excited for our first class tomorrow. I love learning and the professors seem like they love to teach, it’s a perfect match.

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  1. and I miss my team Kaplan! I left my phone in the car i returned today -- we now have a minivan and got lost on my first trip on campus yesterday. How I need you!