Thursday, June 3, 2010

I Can Almost Taste It...

Tuesday night was our last pre-trip monumental event. The Ivy League Connection congregated at the astonishingly beautiful El Cerrito High School for our orientation night. This evening was all about asking any last minute questions and going over our itineraries. We learned a little bit about laptop safety, socialization rules, how our meals will be paid for etc. Many people would not view this event as anything extraordinary. I can see why; on the surface, it just appears to be an average orientation. But to anyone involved in the ILC, whether they are a chaperone, scholar, parent or supporter, this night represents the final step. Now, there is nothing between us and the plane that will be transporting us back East. This was a huge night. There is nothing in our way now. I’m so close… well you’ve already read the title of this blog so you know how that sentence ends.

Anyway, we are almost there and I grow more anxious by the day. As time goes on, more and more questions about my journey spring into my mind. I can’t wait to figure out who I will meet, what kind of pictures I will be able to take, how much sleep I am going to lose reading about Locke, Marx and Plato, as well as about another hundred tiny details about the travels ahead of me. Only time will tell.

Unless something unexpected comes up between now and June 23 (the day we arrive in New York), this is my last blog until our adventure begins. Until then, this is Alex Elms signing off.


  1. Alex, How are we to survive for the next couple of weeks without your blogs? :-)

    If you listened carefully to the questions that were asked--especially in each of the breakout sessions--then you'll have a greater appreciation for the need for such an orientation. There's no such thing as a stupid question and we encourage everyone to ask their questions no matter how small or insignificant they may seem to them.

    It wasn't just our ILC cohorts who needed a chance to hear of the details but the parents needed it as well.

    Let's keep in mind that even though we've provided a wealth of information to each of our students and their parents, we still had a small number who had trouble finding the location or remembering what time we were to get started.

    As simple as these issues might be, in a few weeks it can mean that someone stays home because the plane wouldn't wait for them.

    Parental involvement is a critical part of the ILC success story, Alex. We need our students to be involved but the parents need to buy in, too. You're fortunate in that both of your parents are as much a part of the program as you are. They're at every event, they're emailing us back and forth and they ask relevant questions.

    We're still working on a few other of our students and some parents to bring them fully on board.

    It's going to be a fun adventure, though.

    Keep in mind that for each of you your universe becomes this one simple little trip back east. For Mr. Ramsey, Ms. Kronenberg and myself, this is five trips, five chaperones and twenty-nine students.

    Yes, Alex, we're definitely going to have us some fun.

  2. Hey Alex,

    Wish you luck on your voyage. Have fun at Cornell. I'm having fun here at Brown. See you at Forensics camp