Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I Played CHESS

Today, I played CHESS. Not traditional chess with knights, kings and queens but CHESS. The Competetive Hospitality Education Simulation Series 1 and I liked it! It was not the Sims-esque virtual game that I expected, but instead a rather outdated looking system of charts and graphs. It was all the factors that we can manipulate to increase the profit in our hotel. Our target was to make $70,000 profit in one week. My hotel had the same ADR (average daily rate), and occupancy that most other people in my class had, which was the target, so I felt very good about my first CHESS experience. Then, Mark gave a hilarious performance of how NOT to do a professional presentation, as well as tips on what makes a great performance.
After class, I stayed in the lab to work on my memo template assignment. It was great because it was me and one other person there and we had the head TA and even Mark, for a time, available to answer any questions we had about the assignment. I am definitely planning on returning in the future. I spent about two hours after class in the computer lab and then began to walk back to Appel to eat dinner. After a quick dinner with the company of Andrew, Dyana, Alex and Andrew, I headed back to class for our Office Hours.

Cornell's beautiful campus:

The walk to class:
The Cornell School of Hotel Administration:

Tomorrow, we will have a guest presentation about the proper way to write a business memo, which will be complimentary to our lesson today about creating a memo template.

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