Monday, June 28, 2010

Official "Hotelie"

There’s nothing in the world like California weather. Last night here at Cornell we had thunderstorms, gross. The loud noise and the lightening practically kept up me up half the night. I woke up this morning groggy and tired. I showered and got ready, then met up with the rest of the Ivy League Connection kids for breakfast. We took our time walking to class because we were early. The first two hours of class weren’t bad at all. We split up into two groups “A” and “B” I was in “B.” The first activity we did was introductions. Then we traded with group “A” and took a behavior style quiz, then wrote a memo about the program, why we chose it, etc. The behavior quiz said I’m a persuader-persuader, big surprise.

From 11:30am-1pm we had a lunch break, I had a simple salad and a water bottle. I really wasn’t all that hungry and I definitely miss being able to make my own food, I’m not used to all this restaurant/fast food. We went back to class and after about an hour and a half it was hard for me to concentrate I needed a break, something to wake me up. I was saved by Mark who decided too many chairs were squeaking and it was time for a break. We came back and I felt refreshed. At this point, we were also paired up into groups. We have to sit with these groups everyday and we’re all responsible for each other. If one member in our group is late, our whole group is late; if one member in our group is absent, we’re all absent. We exchanged contact information in order to keep track of each other, and I have a relatively good hunch about our group.

4pm came and we were dismissed from class. We walked the journey back to our rooms and I took a nap until dinner. I felt mentally exhausted. The class is pretty draining, for the first day, I think it was just a lot of information to take in. After dinner, once again we made our way back to class, this time to the computer labs for mandatory office hours. This time went by relatively quickly though, I read the homework assignment and even started doing research for our hotel presentation. We’re supposed to research and present Intercontinental Hotels Group or IHG. Finally at 9pm we were free. I came back to my room, called my mom and blogged. End of day 1 as a Cornell Summer College Student.

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