Sunday, June 27, 2010

New Surprises

Today has been full of twists and turns. My roommate arrived today! Her name is Alisia and she is enrolled in the Veterinarian program here at Cornell. She is a native of Seattle, Washington and a rising senior in high school. I also learned that she had plane troubles flying to Ithaca.

The summer college Crash Course was interesting at parts, but a bit tedious. I learned many interesting bits of information, such as "knowledge is never passively acquired by the learner." In terms of study tips, they recommended capturing the big idea of the reading rather than memorizing the details. In terms of sleep habits, they told us teenagers need 9.5 hours of sleep each night, but that most do not get this. To stress the importance, they noted that "sleep deprivation makes you stupid." They recommended that you nap in 20 minute increments and in 90 minutes sleep cycles.

But today, I encountered a major set-back. Last night, I had left my laptop in its case and went to the hall meeting. When I went to retrieve it, I picked up the case and my laptop promptly fell to the floor, as I had forgotten to zip it up. I dismissed it then because when I went back to my room with the intention of finishing my blog, it had worked fine. However, in the morning, when I turned on my computer, the screen was blank and I began to grow concerned. I found out that there would be tech support offered at the activities fair later on in the afternoon. I went with my laptop in tow but they diagnosed it as a hard drive problem and told me they would not be able to help me. I went back to my dorm and got on the phone with HP. I was told that they fall had cracked my screen thus my computer is now broken. I am planning tomorrow to go and buy a new one, so that I will not be without it for too long.

Regardless of all that happened today, I am incredibly excited for class tomorrow.

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