Sunday, June 27, 2010

The last day of "relaxation"

Today was the last day before classes begin tomorrow, Monday. While many students sought leisurely activities and a work-free area, I concentrated most of my time on studying as much as I could before class began
I felt better rested today than I have since June 23rd, but I still did not feel that well rested. I woke up at 10:00 AM to find Forrest sitting at his computer, as usual. We still have not connected on a personal level, as he tends to confine himself to his online comics and manga. This was not the first time I invited him to an event, in this case, brunch, and he refused. He said he had all the snacks he needed. I still wasn’t sure if he had ever been to Appel Commons, where we dine. Anyhow, I headed there with our usual group, give or take two from the seven of us. I really liked our routine calls to one another to ask if we were up for food, hanging out, or attending some sort of event. It made me feel good that I had friends that I knew pretty well, not that I didn’t make an effort to make friends.
Throughout today, and at brunch, I made many friends, though I can only recall them being from either New Jersey or Texas, though we had a student from India sit with us to eat. I actually had to leave the group before we finished eating because I was determined to read as much of my Hotel information packet as I could, which was our assignment for today. I had roughly 60 pages of reading to accomplish today, so I tried starting early. I’m actually glad I stayed at the dorm because that’s when Forrest began talking to me.
I was surprised to hear him talk so much; we had a rather long conversation about our interests, hobbies and personal lifestyles – where we came from, essentially. I will not blog about his personal life, but I was very interested to hear that he has Asian, adopted siblings and a half brother. Especially fun was when he asked me about music. I told him I like most music, except rap, and he told me the same – he absolutely hates it. It was very strange hearing that he did not know who Beyonce or Jay-Z are and that he enjoys Japanese death metal. Somehow we started talking about our countries’ different political systems and how commercialism is dominant in the United States. It was such an eye-opener to hear an international student’s perspective. I enjoyed our talk so I yet again invited him to our next event, the “notorious” crash course study session in Statler Hall, which was like 20 minutes away. But he declined again.
The crash course, to over 600 students’ aggravation, lasted approximately 3 hours. I must admit that Janet Snoyer, who works for the office of career services made a lasting impression on us. The purpose of the meeting was to teach us how to “breeze by” these programs we were enrolled in. I give her kudos for making it interesting for the first hour and half or so, as she even showed us a video about sleep deprivation and its effects on students. But it was just preaching to the choir. I thought it was unnecessary; we know we need to get at least 9 hours of sleep, yet we won’t because of these courses. The three hours could be summarized as follows: don’t kill yourself (literally as well), try your best, and learn.
Afterwards, there was the Activities fair where we could sign up for intramurals and such, but I did not attend, as I was reading my material, which actually lasted the entire day. I went to eat dinner but then stayed in the dorm the entire time.
It is 1:00 AM now and I’m in my room, where Forrest is sleeping and this light from the laptop screen is the only light I have, and as such, I will end on this note and I really wanted to post pictures and a video or two, but I will do that tomorrow. Class starts tomorrow!

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  1. Chris,

    Forrest seems like an interesting guy. Both of you just moved in and everybody's just a little shy! That will fade away eventually. I hope you enjoy your first day of class tomorrow. Post pictures!