Wednesday, July 14, 2010

3 days!!

Waking up today was an average day here at Cornell, feeling a little tired, but getting up because you know you have a responsibility. To quote the slogan for the Oakland Raiders we have “a commitment to excellence.” We all went to breakfast together, left to class together, and sat by each other like a family; the ILC family. We were also joined by our lovely chaperone Mrs. Kaplan, who sat in to listen to the second part of the Marx lecture. It was very interesting discussing the Bourgeois vs. the Proletarians, and how the working class will overturn the capitalist and in essence create a communist society, no class structure.
After lecture we conversed with Mrs. Kaplan for a while, and then we went to our sectional groups, and basically had the same discussion. But this time we had a more infuses on Marx’s Economic Despotism, meaning everything that occurs in history, is because it stems from economic interest. Therefore the future has a certain pattern, and is inevitable.
After our sections we of course headed to lunch where we met Chris and Beilul. We ate and talked with them for a while, but then they had to leave and go back to their hotel management class. We all finished eating fairly quickly and then went back to our sectional groups for what was supposed to be our last writing workshop. But because there was nothing for us to write, it ended up being a review session. Everyone in the class was divided into groups of two or three, and was assigned to one philosopher to make chart of all the important information we need to know about them. That way the T.A. can make copies of each chart for everyone to have in lieu of the final exam.
We walked back to the dorms and began to re type our final draft of our Plato paper. It’s due tomorrow so we will be working very hard on them to ensure that we get the best possible grade. I will let you all know how it goes tomorrow.

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  1. what will I have to read avery night when you are all done? Yikes!
    Ms. K