Friday, July 9, 2010

Ice Age

Our second week finally comes to a relaxing end with very little work load today. After we did our lecture on the philosopher J.S. Mill, we left with Ms.Kaplan to a dinosaur museum known as Museum of the Earth, which was a fifteen minute drive from the Cornell campus. It was a nice scenic drive, full of residential buildings and bright, thriving green trees. We arrived at the museum, which for a place in a remote area has a lot of money to spend on its outside architecture and interior. Inside, the two stories was integrated with a gift shop and a long ramp leading down to the observation basement. There were a bunch of tiles depicting different era of species and fossils of mollusks and other species. I wandered around the mineral specimens, let my hand glide over the bones, and even read up some display panels on climate change. For a museum that supposedly focuses on dinosaurs, the area expanded to talking about the BP oil disaster as well as climate change. I collected a few flyers with some nice concepts on how to get people to become environmentally clean. As an advocate for environmental protection, I was happy to see that this museum focused a lot on not only the past but on current issues. It is important to recognize current issues and encourage others to become active in the cause. Aside from all the views, being proactive is the most important of them all.

I took a few pictures showing various parts of the museum we visited. Hope during the weekend we can get out more and see more places to visit.

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  1. Tiles look colorful and interesting. What's the baby dino's name?