Sunday, July 11, 2010


Day 18/ Bittersweet Sunday

It's quite a shame, it really is,
to reach this very day,
and it's ironic since we ought
to shout aloud "hooray!"

For it's a Sunday at Cornell,
there's no classes to attend.
And if all your work is done,
your fun won't have to end.

late in this here afternoon,
the Kaplan Kids did meet,
a return to Lake Cayuga,
Canoeing in the heat!

Three canoes out on the lake,
that contained the ILC,
The best canoe no doubt had,
Jacky, Dyana, and Andrew G.

We paddled and stroked the best we could,
along the subtle waves,
if only we were professionals and,
could make our canoe behave.

Two hours in and we were done,
it was over, that was that.
All this rowing now makes me want,
to own a gondola hat.

Back to Cornell once again,
our home away from home,
time to get started on,
my essay and this poem.

But just before this poet writes,
or this scholar takes her stance,
I went to grab my pre-lim grade;
office hours was that chance.

while taking the test, I did not find,
myself too nervous or scared.
I knew I understood it well,
so I felt I was prepared.

and when I did receive my test,
I was very glad to see,
that I did not do bad all,
so I dance around with jubilee.

But not for too long I am afraid,
for I had to go back to work
A second draft was still undone
and I still had to read Burke.

So off I go into the night,
to study like I do.
For I'd like nothing more,
than a bedtime before two.

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