Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Life of a Forgetful Child

Today I stayed in the computer lab for a little while after we finished our report so that I could get a head start on my blog. I was so inspired to write about behavioral styles and such, then on the walk home I stopped for a minute and realized I LEFT MY FLASH DRIVE in the computer I was working on. The life of a forgetful child. No worries though, I’ll post that tomorrow. It will still be relevant, I’m sure.

We had an immense amount of office hours today. Basically, that’s all we had. That, along with a short video about behavioral styles. My insight about that, I will post tomorrow.

For dinner today, we went out for Greek food with our favorite TA, Spencer. It was pretty good food, I’m still not used to all of this eating out all the time, but in life we have to make sacrifices. Everything will be worth it one day. College life will consist of late nights, coffee, and fast food and I’m going to have to get used to it, because if I want to do something with myself, I have to first be successful in school. I have to accomplish something that verifies that I’m qualified to do whatever it is that I want to do. I’m determined, and now I can say I have the right mentality to go to college. The question now is, what college?

Our report looks great. I’m really proud of it, and of our group. I’ll include all about that and why in tomorrow’s post.

Speaking about tomorrow, we get to sleep in for a little bit! Then, we’re off to class to edit our report and finally turn it in. Then, we’re done. The stress will be done, the class will be done. We will walk away knowing we have been successful our time here.

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  1. Jacky,

    You’re just a big teaser, aren’t you, Jacky? You tell us that you walked away from the computer lab realizing that you had left your flash drive in the computer and then you drop the story. WHAT HAPPENED TO THE FLASH DRIVE? Was it retrieved? Did you lose any national secrets? Did somebody recover the social security numbers of the ILC students?

    Don’t tease us like this, Jacky. Inquiring minds NEED to know.