Monday, July 12, 2010

Running on 240 Minutes of Slumber

Day 19/ Same Old Same Old - Just How I Like it

  • 7:20 am ; I woke up from four hours of sleep. I really wanted to do a good job on the second draft of my Plato essay so I slept at 3:30 in the morning.
  • 7:50am ; I leave the Donlon Dorms and head off to Appel. No, not for food this time. I needed to use their printer to print out that essay of mines.
  • 8:09am ; left Donlon after realizing how long of a line I'd have to wait just to print an essay. My Plan B? I race to the Robert Purcell Community Center next to Donlon.
  • 8:20am ; left the RPCC with defeat. I really need to figure out how to use a Cornell printer... (but at least I emailed my essay to my TA last night.)
  • 8:40am ; arrive at class. I sit behind my buddy Kelsey as we all waited for Prof. Kramnick to come strolling down the stairs like he always does in the morning.
  • 9:10am ; Prof. Kramnick begins the lecture on the "father of conservatism", aka Edmund Burke. We discussed the contrast between his views and that of his counterpart, John Locke, a liberal.
  • 10:17am ; Class Section Discussions with out TAs. We talked more about Mill (continued from discussion last Friday) and discussed Burke.
  • 12:00pm ; Lunch at Trillium! I had a burger and fries for lunch. Everyone from the ILC (except Jacky) was at our table.
  • 1:15pm ; Writing workshop with out TA. We further discussed the important elements of good writing. We did some peer evaluation of our classmate's second draft. I received a relatively good response from my classmate who graded my paper. I like the writing workshops because these tips that we're learning will really improve the way I write essays and reports in high school. (An aside: blogging has increased both my writing and typing skills greatly. I am more comfortable when it comes to writing and no longer fear a writer's block. As a result, I always do a blog before writing an essay.)
  • 2:45pm ; Writing workshop ends and I make my way back to the dorm by myself. The four hours of sleep starts to kick in. My bad feels heavier and heavier as I inch my way back.
  • 3:08pm ; Off to the Cornell store. I wanted to return a sweater I brought which was over sized.
  • 4:00pm ; left the Cornell store with red windbreaker and a navy hoodie for about $41. I'm so happy that I got to buy something; it'as been awhile since I last shopped.
  • 4:15pm ; I had a run-in with Chris and Beilul as they were returning from their Hotel class.
  • 4:17pm ; Said "hello" to Abby Eller, the Cornell Summer Director , who happened to past by the three of us.
  • 5:00pm ; Finished Blog.
  • 5:01pm+ ; Study/Eat/Sleep.
* I'll save a more exciting post for a more exciting day. This Monday was a typical Cornell class day; it was nice and quiet.


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