Saturday, July 17, 2010

Another Goodbye, Another Hello

It seems as though we have been here at Cornell for a year now. If the weather had changed more dramatically, I would swear to it. In the past two days, I have reflected on this experience as the witness to these young peoples' growth and maturation.

To begin with, I could not be prouder of these kids if they were my own. They have been models of what all young people should be: adventurous, curious, kind, sincere, playful, persistent, and, most of all, resilient. It is this last quality that is the most impressive.

As I have spoken with other chaperones, resilience is perhaps the greatest lesson to be learned. As you talk to your children, I am sure that they will share tales of effort as well as play. There were, I am certain, also moments of discouragement or loneliness, when all did not go just as they expected. Each of your children overcame these moments to shine. From the 24-hour delay in Chicago to struggles with their group, they demonstrated this resilience in a setting that is ompletely foreign to them.

I think that Beilul speaks for each of your children. When I said to her just after she completed her final project and the course, "You should be proud of yourself," she replied, "I AM proud of myself."

Well, I am very proud of all of them. What an honor this has been! And this is just the beginning of their entry into another world of learning. I can't wait for the next, "Hello, this is ... and I'm in ..."

Thank you once more for your trust and support. They -- and I --- know that you are the reason they are able to thrive here.


  1. Sue,
    You know how much I appreciate the spark of your humor and forthright statements. I want to personally thank you for taking care of the needs of all of this year's particular, my son Alex. Students thrive in the right environment. Your part in sharing their experience at Cornell is one I am sure they will not forget. I am so anxious for the "after party" to share photos and stories. You are a special person and you will be missed at PVHS.
    Best Regards, Darlene