Monday, July 5, 2010

Back in Black

I woke up a little later than usual after our long drive back from the Erie Canal in Rochester, New York. I enjoyed getting out sitting on the docks of the canal, watching literally heart-pounding fireworks parade the sky. It was like a war of spectacular beauty, immeasurable in its luminescence and ability to rock the entire dock. My feet were little rumbling due to the close proximity and it was simply a blast of fun to see such my first real fireworks show on the East Coast. The drive back was also extremely fun as Alex and I jokingly sang our screechy renditions of old pop songs like “Bohemian Rhapsody” all the way back.

Today was pretty much a buffer day before our next few intense days which include the upcoming pre-lim exam. I woke up to make the finishing touches on my essay and went out with the others to get some lunch since I had woke up too late to have breakfast. Unfortunately, the place called Trillium which were trying to eat at was closed. We had walked quite a long distance under the burning sun, with humidity exceeding the days passed. We eventually hitched a T-Cat bus to Ithaca Mall where we finally had the chance to eat a satisfying lunch at “Friendly’s,” which a fast food place equivalent to a Johnny Rocket’s. After lunch, we shopped at Target for essentials such as a new fan to put in the common lounge where we study with the air-conditioning. The ride back was fine.

When we returned to Donlon Hall, we basically continued our work on our essays and begin preparing for the exam. Not much really to make out of but saying this is long, hard work. It takes a lot of concentration as we are all sitting in common lounge doing our work; collaborating on ideas. Till tommorrow, Andrew is back to work.


  1. I am glad that you called it screeching. Now I know why Ms. Bulls has those heavy-duty headphones! The odd part is that you can both really sing --- one day we will catch that on video.
    Ms. K

  2. Ello Andrew, I recommend you guys go to Niagara Falls next or maybe Chinatown if you can. Alex is using a lot of brain power that he needs two fans. That is sooo funny...