Monday, July 5, 2010

Relax, Everything is Going to Be Fine..

These were the words I was repeating to myself the entire morning leading up to my company presentation. This was the first class presentation that the professors have scheduled and the last. I, for one, am very glad they are over, but it was a valuable experience.

There were many possible ways to identify a hotel student this morning. First, they were the only students that had to get up early to eat breakfast and walk to class. Second, they were the only students in suits and business attire. Thus, we were quite a spectacle walking to class.

Today were our company presentations. I thought everyone did a wonderful job but you could tell that the room was definitely tense. To relieve some of that stress, Mr. McCarthy had us do some primal screaming before the first presentation. Since my group presented towards the end of the day, I was a nervous wreck the entire morning. But in the end, I think it went better than I expected. The rest of my group was very calm, and I felt very confident with the information we had prepared. Overall, the professors congratulated everyone afterwards and said they were very impressed with the presentations today.

Following our last presentations, the professors made a heart-warming announcement. They cancelled office hours today! Thus, we had the entire evening to ourselves. Following class, Ms. Kaplan rescued us and took us to the dorms where we had a brief ILC meeting discussing our plans for the weekend. The plans as of now are taking a college tour of Colgate University and then go canoeing.

Tomorrow, we have a quick quiz and then we will have a chance to put our personal CHESS plans to the test.

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