Monday, July 5, 2010

Sleep, Sleep, Oh yea, and more Sleep!

I keep getting more sleep each day, and it feels amazing. Sadly tomorrow I feel I won’t be able to acquire as much sleep, because tonight I will be studying for a while, and then in the morning I will have to wake up early. Alex and I went to breakfast at around 10, and technically it was closed. But a cafeteria worker allowed us to eat regardless of the fact we were late by about half an hour. After breakfast we all got dressed and commenced studying. My main goal for the day was to finish my rough draft, of my Plato essay.
After diligently working Andrew, Alex, Jordan, and I decided to go o Trillium Dining Hall, for lunch. Once we walked in the sweltering heat for about 20 minutes, we arrived at Trillium only to find out they were closed for the day! We were all very upset, and started walking back to the dorms. Just as we took those first couple steps, we saw a TCAB bus, and it said “mall.” We felt this was godsend, so we loaded the bus quickly. We arrived at the mall, and immediately found somewhere to eat. They all sat down at a restaurant named “Friendly’s,” and I got Subway. My food was good especially compared to Appel’s, and their food was obviously good, because not one of them left a single crumb on their plates.
I toured the mall a little just to shop around, but I couldn’t find much in Ithaca’s mall surprisingly. It was fun just to break our everyday routine. Once back from Target we met with Mrs. Kaplan to discuss our plans for next weekend. The meeting went well, but we were all anxious to presume our studying. We went immediately back to study, when a loud siren set off, and caused uproar. The siren was actually a fire alarm, that was just extremely loud. I guess like the fireworks, everything’s bigger in New York. Once the drill was over we all went back to studying for the night. Can’t wait for tomorrow’s long day!

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