Saturday, July 10, 2010

Wizard of Colgate

No time to sleep. I went to bed at 2:00 AM and woke up around 7:00 AM as my roommate Greg was leaving for New York City for the weekend. Aside from the fact I will be a roommate short, I took a nice cool shower to wipe off all the sweat I incurred from the heat. Ms.Kaplan picked us up from the lobby to leave for Colgate University, which was about two hours back and forth. On the way there, I pretty much fell asleep and the others took their photos, but it was well worth it when it came to the information session and tour.

The university is way more isolated than any college I have seen, probably due to the fact this is a liberal arts college in the middle of swaps and fields. Even though its isolation, our informational guide talked about the advantages of being so small of a college compared to larger universities and how the nearby town Hamilton is strongly connected with the school. I admired the relationship the school shared with the community, and I especially was in favor of having a program at school that promoted outside volunteering. There were opportunities for students to venture to different countries to either learn new languages and engage in their major; including one that has D.C. connections for political science students. Given I am interested in trying to extend my abilities through political science and sociology, Colgate seems to offer a potential chance to help me foster multiple majors and have a fun college life.

During our tour around the campus itself, one thing that was evident was the absolute disappearance of any college activity. There were no college students roaming around at this time, or at least to what we saw. The quietness of the campus resonated throughout the buildings on the hillside, which were characterized by bricks and numerous quads. The coincidence of the tour was that our guide Ben was from San Diego, California, in which he enlightened us on how he got here. He took us around the campus, showing us the halls, library, and especially the eating facilities. We all passed by the dining food, which I admit surpassed the food we are eating at Appel Commons here at Cornell. Like any college tour, it was fun to see a different atmosphere especially one of this smaller size.

Before we headed back, we stopped by a Mexican restaurant to satisfy our hunger. I ordered a humongous taco shell salad in which it is now sitting in my refrigerator to be eaten later. For being in such an isolated location, I was surprised that it tasted pretty good.

All of us plan to enjoy the rest of our evening at bowling center, and then begin reworking on our second drafts of the final paper due. As much as it is fun to play around, I maintain the discipline to continue making progress for my education.

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