Wednesday, July 7, 2010

We Are Half-Way There

Wednesday, July 7 was a very long, hot, humid day. My day began with a very long, but interesting lecture about hotel discounting rates. I learned that it is relatively simple to barter to receive a lower rate for a room but this has led to many inconsistencies within the hotel company. After the lecture, we went into the computer lab where Mark gave us a quick overview of Microsoft Excel, which we will learn even more about it tomorrow. We then had time to work on our CHESS hotel individual report and the report template that was due tonight.

Following class, I made my first trip to the Bear Necessities store across the street from our dorm for few snacks. After relaxing in my dorm for an hour, I headed out for a quick dinner, and then met up with Jacky and Wing for our meeting with the Cornell Summer College Judicial Officer. The judicial officer asked us to explain the situation, reiterated everything our RCA’s had told us and gave us both a verbal warning and a written warning.

Following the meeting, our office hours went by relatively quickly. After I finished my report template, I spent most of my time working on my CHESS individual report, which is due Friday.

Though class is very interesting and I do feel that I am learning a lot, I am looking forward to our weekend. Friday, all ILC Cornellians will be released from class by noon, and I am sure we will be doing something very exciting. On Saturday, we will be taking a college tour of Colgate University and then canoeing!

Tomorrow, at Trilliam’s (our lunch spot), the ILC Cornell team is having lunch with the head of the Cornell Summer Program coordinator, Abby Eller.

And, as the title says, we are half-way to our finish line: graduation
(from Cornell Summer College).

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