Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Bear Necessity

Today was an unusual day for me. I had a pinkish eye that left me rolling in my bed throughout the night, depriving me of my sleep. I woke up and immediately went to obtain some allergy medicine to quell my itchiness and cascading salty tears. The downside was that it gave me so much drowsiness that I had to battle myself to keep awake during the lecture. Professor Kramnick gave us a lecture on Marx, one of the more interesting philosophers among our course, and clarified quite a few things. It was quite funny how I just kept taking notes to keep myself up and maintain pace with Kramnick. During our TA sessions, I was well awake to answer questions and provide input during our further discussion on Marx’s perspective on capitalism. Lots of the things we touch upon are mentioned in my history book that I covered this year as well as in my forensics team. I enjoy being able to take old knowledge and blend it with new knowledge to come to logical conclusions.

Aside form studies, all of the ILC members are continue working for the final exam. I am personally looking over my old notes and trying to come up with connections between different philosophers. From my experience from the midterm, I feel that the final will no questionably be more challenging in terms of understanding and putting it context with other philosophers. This ability to compare and contrast is one of things required in this course to do well. I hope by the end of this course, which is about four days, that I will be able to take this knowledge back home and hopefully teach others to take this intellectual approach.

I plan to visit my TA Simon G. to begin reworking on my final draft and ask questions about today’s reading on the second half of Marx. There also some more exciting plans to go out to eat Japanese food at a restaurant called Plumtree in Collegetown. Till then, Andrew Woo is signing off.

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