Monday, July 5, 2010

So This is the Slow Side of Ithaca I've Heard About...

Today was strange. I woke up with the mentality of it being a Monday, but I didn’t have class and it was 8:00 when I woke up. This morning didn’t really feel right, but that quickly passed as I got into the motions of the day. My day didn’t really start until about 10:30, when I began my work for the day. I read a little bit of Locke while I did my laundry and waited for other people to begin waking up. I didn’t have to wait too long for Andrew (Gonzales) to wake up. I left my laundry downstairs to finish while we went to breakfast. It was desolate in Appels today. I saw, at most, eight other students eating. So we sat, ate and had a few laughs.

After we ate, we decided to pay Andrew Woo a visit. He hadn’t woken up yet and it was about 11:30. Luckily his roommate Greg left the door unlocked, so we were able to go in and gently scare him out of what I assume was a great slumber. I inspired the rest of the group to do their laundry as well, so that is how we spent the rest of our morning… taking breaks from writing our essays to run in and out of a humid laundry room in the basement.

I actually had a good start on the first couple paragraphs on my essay. I began contrasting Athenian democracy and Plato’s ideal society. The challenging part was fishing through the sea of run-on sentences in order to find a decent quote to use. Luckily I highlighted a good portion of the book a long time ago, so it finding them was less difficult. Around 12:00 Jordan, the Andrews and I decided to walk down to Trillium for lunch.

Since today is July 5th, the school was technically closed today (except to Hotellies). We thought Trillium would remain open because the hotel students would have to eat. We were wrong. We walked through the heat and horrid humidity to get a decent lunch at Trillium only to find that the doors were locked and the dining room was dark and deserted. We were in shambles. We didn’t want the walk to have been a waste so we began debating whether we wanted to go to Collegetown or the mall for lunch. We decided on going to Collegetown, but were easily persuaded by the bus that conveniently drove by that was going to the mall. You would be surprised what someone would do for air conditioning.

The four of us ate at a restaurant called Friendly’s (which is kind of like Applebees only without the variety). We took advantage of the fact that we were right next to Target and picked up everything we were going to pick up later today. We bought more water, an extra fan (for using in public places in the building), some supplies for the class, and Andrew Woo and I got some awesome Chuck Norris t-shirts. It was a great trip to Target…

After we got back, all we did was work, work and work along with a lot of studying on the side. This is truly when the day began to slow down. The minutes just seemed to creep by, just like the progress of my essay. I don’t know why, but it seemed like it took me forever to finish my essay. Fortunately, I finally did and now I am given the opportunity to blog about my day. I’m going to finish up Locke now, so I’m signing off.

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