Monday, July 5, 2010

A Different Kind of Monday

Day 12/ No Time to Play, Study Away!

It's a different kind of summer out here in the east,
hot like the flames of a fire-spitting beast.
This warm, muggy spell has captured Cornell,
from students in art to students in hotel.

Waking up at eleven is considered a norm.
But don't stay too late, it gets hot in the dorms.
I know this because I've studied in this heat,
and after some hours, I'll admit my defeat.

An essay due tomorrow and there's sweat on my face,
not from the work, but from the warmth in this place.
So I picked up my books, my papers, and pen,
it will be awhile until I return there again.

So it's off to the lounge on the floor numbered four.
But instead I see lots of RCAs past the door.
The time read two and an event was being held.
they were decorating a puzzle, as the posters had spelled.

Somehow I joined in with their arts and crafts,
"A break from my studies," I joked with a laugh.
For about half an hour, I sat and I drew.
met some new people and ate some snacks too.

It was a good little break from all of that reading,
now back to my studies; I want to be succeeding.
Stayed in the lounge as I filled at my chart,
a chart of the philosopher, to tell them apart.

A meeting with our chaperon took place at four,
to talk about plans our next weekend had in store.
Colgate University and some time in a canoe.
So little time, and so many things we want to do!

A trip to our TAs followed after our meeting,
I had some questions about the book I was reading.
Many other students had the same idea in mind,
waiting in a hot hallway, we all were confined.

And right after that we had off to dinner,
because we all know Appel is a winner!
Tonight I had cereal and a coke float as well,
a well-balanced meal if I do say so myself.

Back in the dorms and the weather's still hot,
started my blog as sat down at a spot,
in the hallway when out of the blue,
blared a fire alarm that was ever so rude.

Up and at it as I rushed down the flights,
along with many as we walked past the lights.
A fire drill at a time like this?
Needless to say, some were just pissed.

Out in the lawn with the sun beating down.
the grass is so dry, it's not green but brown.
What a way to end this blog, out here on this grass,
as I sit and I type, while I sit on my "butt".

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