Saturday, July 10, 2010

Toothpaste brand brought alive

What really gets me up on Saturday mornings now are Alex’s threatening text messages. Ms. Kaplan was supposed to pick us up at Mary Donlon Hall at 7:45 AM. I overslept and woke up at 7:48 AM, quickly went to brush my teeth, got my camera and bag, and hopped down the elevator. Everyone was waiting in the lobby, and soon enough we hopped into Ms. Kaplan’s car. We drove for two hours in Ms. Kaplan’s new car, a GMC Ukon XL.

On our way, Colgate seemed completely isolated. I literally didn’t see a single person, except for a guy who roamed the street. We were greeted inside with warm faces and the admissions officer of Colgate, who spoke with Ms. Kaplan. We waited with a group of people until we were led to an auditorium, where all the tour guides came. The information session was pretty long, and then the tour guides introduced themselves. We had Benjamin, who comes from San Diego. We toured Colgate, and it was interesting, to say the least. It was really nice, as our group consisted of us, and two more people.

There were trees everywhere, and impressive buildings. What really looked good though, was the cafeteria, where there was plenty of food on display. I even took a picture with the chef, which is on Alex’s blog. We eventually finished the tour and were treated with the most delicious ice cream cookie we’ve ever tasted. We all said that’s how we’ll remember Colgate, along with the beautiful infrastructure, of course. We then entered a Mexican restaurant, la Iguana, I believe. The food was really good, and we actually had very productive conversations. For the first time, it seemed, we all talked about our experiences so far in Cornell, what we would bring back to Hercules and to prospective Ivy Leaguers. Dyana even took down some notes while we were talking about how we can help the students next year, by coming up with possible questions they might ask.

We then headed back to Cornell, but made some stops along the way, most memorably, a kind of a yard sale/flee market, but in the middle of the endless road. It had many cheap knick-knacks, and we made some purchases too. I have a video at the bottom of our adventure in the middle of the road. I even got ripped off there. I was given 10 dollars back instead of 15, and Dyana volunteered to go with me to clear things up. It turned out the woman there didn’t count the 1 dollar bills accurately, and I got my 5 dollars back. Thanks Dyana 

Exhausted, we finally arrived at Mary Donlon at around 5:00 PM. We decided to grab some dinner from Appel at around 6:20 PM, and we reached a verdict: the food was actually really good. I had some cous-cous and pizza, and then ice cream. The rest of the night we hung out at Robert Purcell Community Center, where we played pool again, where Andrew Gonzales won 3 games in a row, while Alex and I stood defeated. But the really fun part was the karaoke today.

It started out really slowly, as no one volunteered, and the song choices were not all that exciting, but I was there for Dyana, and possibly Andrew Woo and Alex. Andrew Woo joined a group singing Queen, and he was rocking. Dyana was simply amazing; I told her she should audition for American Idol after hearing her version of Alicia Keys’s “Falling.” Her talent was confirmed by her winning second place! I will not post the video, however, before getting her consent to do so, although it might attract some people in the music industry…. Tomorrow we are scheduled for canoeing on Lake Cayuga, can’t wait.

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