Thursday, July 8, 2010

Forgetting Everything

We really have an individual “short” report due tomorrow. I saw Alex a couple of minutes ago because I’m in the lounge downstairs. It’s the only place that’s actually bearable. It’s so hot everywhere, and it’s humid and sticky, the air’s thick. I blog about this a lot, I know, I apologize. But, I really have to concentrate on our report. It’s nowhere near finished and I almost can’t believe we have to turn it in tomorrow!

We’re all doomed. All the hotel students are down here, and if they’re not down here they’re on another floor doing the same thing I’m doing. Trying to finish their reports. At least office hours are cancelled this Sunday. I’m almost afraid to go to sleep because I don’t know if I can wake up in the morning. This is so overwhelming, it’s hard to handle. But, I know we’re more than halfway done and there’s no such thing as quitting.

I’m going back to working on the report, nothing really new has happened, aside from a lot of realization. Going into college is going to be a huge transition. Forget sleeping tonight, the report is going to be done, tonight.

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  1. Jacky,
    Have faith. You appear to be the type of person who can find the inner strength to comlete any task set before you. Take a deep breath and try to look at the path in front of you and not too far ahead of you.....and don't be too hard on yourself. (Just my two cents as a mother.)