Thursday, July 8, 2010

Unbearable Heat and Individual Reports

I honestly do like Cornell University. The scenery is absolutely beautiful, my class is very interesting and challenging but it is sometimes hard to appreciate all of this while the temperature and humidity seem to be intent on making every minute I spend outside miserable. The weather is simply unbearably hot.

This morning, I woke up, ate breakfast, headed to class, and took our first Excel quiz. Mark wanted to ensure that we had grasped some of the concepts he went over yesterday, because today he gave us another Excel lesson, and it was much more complex than the previous lesson. However, I really do like how he shows us by going through all the steps on his screen, while we do the same steps on our computers. Furthermore, the skills we are learning now, regarding the different functions of Microsoft, are definitely very applicable to my future job and scholarly career.

At lunch, the ILC team had a meeting with Abby Eller, the head of Cornell’s Summer College. She just wanted to meet us and ask us a few questions about how our time at Cornell has been going. In the afternoon, Reneta was giving a lecture, but I began to feel very unwell and had to have Ms. Kaplan take me back to my dorm so that I could get my medicine. Unfortunately, I also missed dinner because I had been resting and then I had to order dinner at my dorm, after office hours.

During office hours, the entire hotel class has been stressing about the huge individual report that is due tomorrow. It is a big percentage of our grade and is a culmination of everything we analyzed about our CHESS hotel.

Tomorrow in class, we will have a videoconference with two recent alumni from the Cornell Hotel School, and we will have the rest of class to work on our reports and we will be released from class at noon. Plus, we have no office hours this weekend, which means we will have plenty of time to enjoy our last weekend here at Cornell.

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