Sunday, July 11, 2010

Canoeing on Cayuga

After breakfast, I met with my hotel group and we discussed what we were going to do for our service project. We decided to straighten out the furniture in the lounges of all the floors in the Mary Donlon (except for the 5th floor, because it stunk!). Afterwards, we left our mark with post-it notes that read “Courtesy of Group 6A …Hotelies are gorges!” We encountered a bit of skepticism and curiosity but overall, the students seemed to appreciate our efforts.

At noon, the seven of us met Ms. Kaplan in front of the dorms and we drove to Cayuga Lake, which is the lake we had our cruise at last week, which is also where we were canoeing! The canoes held two to three people in each, the teams were as follows: Jacky, Andrew G., and Dyana in one canoe, Alex and Andrew W. in another, and Chris, Ms. Kaplan and I in the third one. I had never been canoeing before, and I really enjoyed myself!

I was able to sit in the front of the canoe but it was very exhausting. Chris, Ms. Kaplan and I rowed a bit slower than the others so we had the opportunity to admire the beautiful scenery of Lake Cayuga and Ms. Kaplan and Chris had the opportunity to take many pictures and videos. We had lots of fun in the canoes, crashing into one another, as well as listening, from a distance to Alex and Andrew W. belting out Bohemian Rhapsody.

After canoeing, we decided to eat lunch at the “Boat House” restaurant and I had a wonderful grilled salmon with cranberry sauce. We had plenty of time to relax after we arrived back at our dorm and I had my second experience with the dorm laundry.

This is our last week at Cornell, as we will be leaving on Saturday. This experience has been absolutely amazing and I am definitely going to miss it when we leave.

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