Sunday, July 4, 2010


This is, by far, my best day in New York. The beginning of today was a little boring, but it picked up as it went along. Anyway, I slept in late yet again. We met in the lobby at 11:30 for brunch. I’ve come to discover that the meals at brunch are not anything new; they just serve breakfast and dinner meals at the same time. I don’t know why I would think it would be any different, but I just wasn’t very enthused (as if that’s anything new). Anyway…

After brunch we went back to the common room on our floor and began working on our Plato essays. I haven’t finished yet, but the outline I made definitely helped. I discovered last year that outlines, no matter how small or simple, will always help you organize your thoughts and make writing essays easier. I decided as soon as I got the essay prompt that I would need to make a detailed outline. I started it today, and boy did it help later when I began writing my essay. The ideas began to flow so smoothly. I was definitely glad I wrote the outline beforehand.

After we worked for a while, we went out into the sweltering heat to toss around a football we got from one of the RCA’s. This was not exactly the greatest idea we have ever had. We were easily tired after playing for only ten minutes. We had some laughs and were able to relax though. I played for about an hour and then some people who could actually play football showed up and wanted to play a real game. I left because I didn’t want to be a huge hindrance to my team and the heat was killing me. I headed back up the room and continued work for a while. Then Jordan and Andrew Woo came up to my room.

We had an epiphany while we were sitting in my room: we realized that we could stack the beds and make them into one bunk bed. My room is now maximized in terms of floor space. We rearranged my entire room… again. The time in my room seemed to fly by and soon it was time to go to Rochester with the Andrews, Dyana and Ms. Kaplan.

The drive did not seem to take that long going to Rochester, but it sure seems long riding back. We stopped at an old fashioned diner where you sat in your car and they brought the food to your car. I have pictures of the restaurant, but because of time constraints on my sleep schedule I won’t be uploading them until tomorrow. The food was great and, best of all, it was cheap! Under $4.00 for a double cheeseburger! This place had zero inflation! I really don’t know why I’m getting so excited about this…

After dinner we made our way closer to Rochester. We finally got to the docks where the boat was supposed to be and we soon learned that they had left early to pick up passengers at a different location. We figured this out long after we rushed around Rochester trying to find the correct boarding destination. We tried to beg people to take us with them on their small yachts, but they were only sitting in the docks to watch the fireworks. We wound up sitting on the sidewalk for about fifteen minutes before the fireworks actually started. I have never seen such superb fireworks. These fireworks are the reason my blog is titled “EPIC.” That one word truly describes the phenomenon that was the City of Rochester’s firework show. The fireworks were actually going off relatively close, so if we were on the boat, we would have been much farther away. So it all worked out for the better. Near the end, it was so loud that I couldn’t hear myself screaming and the ground beneath my feet pounded from the massive explosions. I love Rochester, New York.

Now my day is coming to a close as we drive back from Rochester. We are all tired and cannot wait to get back to Ithaca and just sleep. I would just like to thank everyone involved in the ILC and everyone who helped send me to this magnificent place. Without their support, I would not have been able to feel the earth shake beneath me as my eardrums were blasted to death by fireworks. This truly was the experience of a lifetime and I would have kicked myself to death had I missed it. Anyway I’ll be posting whatever pictures I took tomorrow and for now I’m signing off.

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