Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Todays forecast: 93 degrees with a chance of bugs?

Right before my roommate and I were about to get in bed last night, he noticed about 30 small bugs on his sheets, and pillows. I immediately looked at my bed, but I only had one bug. We were both distraught, because we were really tired and just wanted to go to bed. We called the RCA, and they gave us another room, so we got all of our stuff and headed to a CLEAN room. Sleeping in this room felt incredible. I thought I’d just update you on what had happened last night. Anyways I go about 7 hours of sleep which actually felt good, because I felt rejuvenated when I woke up.
We headed down to breakfast at about 7:40 A.M., and of course I got my usual breakfast of cereal, croissant, juice, and even fruit. I knew I had to eat a balanced breakfast because today was our midterm, so I even had ham and potatoes. We got to class early so we just mainly listened to music to stimulate our brain, and went over a couple key points regarding antiquity, Judeo-Christianity, and Locke. The midterm began, and as I looked over the essay questions, and short answer, I knew I was well prepared for the test. Once the test was over I felt very confident, that I had done well o the test, and like I said earlier, I will let you all know then when I receive my midterm paper back, with a big red A plus!
After the midterm, professor Kramnick began his lecture concerning general “women’s rights” in past time. I put women’s rights in quotations because there was little to no women’s rights in time past, until around the 18th century with writers like Wollstonecraft, De Gouges, and Mills. After lecture we went to lunch at Trillium and sat down with Chris and his two group mates (hotel management). After lunch we had a lot of spare time until our writers’ workshop, so we just relaxed outside, and played Frisbee for a while, well I mostly watched. Class begun and we primarily did peer evaluation’s of each other first draft for their Plato essay. Then for about the last 10 minutes of class, we went over sentence structure, and things of that nature.
From writers workshop we came back to the dorms, where Alex, Andrew, and I played an interesting game of pool for about half hour. You can probably guess I was victorious. But seriously it was just fun to play, and do something other than intellectual work. I look forward to reading the women’s rights books today, and will continue to update you all on what’s going on at Cornell.


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  2. Okay, so congratulations on the exam and the billiards!
    Ms. K