Friday, July 16, 2010

I Can't Believe We're At The End Of The Road!

Our final hours at Cornell University approach, and each second counts. 

The emotions ran high this morning. I didn’t have to be at class until 9:30 AM, so in order to eat and get there on time I decided to wake up at around 8:00. My plan failed because instead of waking up at 8:00, I woke up at 6:45! I tried my best to lie back down and fall asleep, but it just didn’t work out for me. Since today was our Final Exam, I just decided to study for a while. Anyway, I studied for about an hour, and then proceeded to get dressed. We all walked down together for our last meal at Appel dining hall. We left our last breakfast at Appel together behind us, and proceeded to our last walk to our lecture hall.

All of these events were very ceremonial, and we had to live in the present and not focus on the fact that tomorrow we will all be leaving. Some of the close friends we met here, we might never personally see again. Good thing though for advanced technology, that allows us to stay connected with friends globally. I just really had a great experience here at Cornell, and couldn’t express more of how I have matured. But I will save this talk for the reflection blog.

The Final was not as difficult as I thought it would be, and in fact it was fairly easy, I’m very confident on my performance of the test. From our Final Exam, we walked to Trillium Dining, for the last very time. Many of our peers were leaving in a matter of hours, hence the emotions were very tender. There were lots of sad faces, tears, but also joy because the “big load” of the Final had finally been lifted off our backs, and we no longer had to worry about anymore work. 

From Trillium we all headed to Ulis library, which is a marvelous sight. I strongly suggest that any future Cornellian’s or people who just visit Cornell, check this library out. Its antique design, and serene atmosphere is the perfect combination for a library.

From there we headed back to our dorms, and went to the mall. We ate and looked at books, and shopped around for a while. After that we watched the movie “Inception.” This was a really good movie, and we all enjoyed watching it together even more. That was our last bus ride on the T Cat (Ithaca’s bus system), and our last visit to the Ithaca Mall. Not to advertise for the movie, but I do suggest you all see it, it was a wonderful, intriguing movie. That’s all I can basically express in words, but the pictures should do justice. Hopefully you all can see what life is like a little, at Cornell University.

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  1. Andrew,

    When I saw your photos of the inside of the Harry Potter Library I immediately saw my own living room—except the three floors of books in your photos are all on the same one floor of my living room. Oh, and I don’t use the Dewey Decimal System. I file my books depending on when I bought them. The earliest books are the ones on the bottom of the pile.

    I also noticed in one of your photos the bare closet. Already packed and ready to go?