Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Three Weeks Then, Three Days Now

We only have a few more days till our day of graduation this coming Saturday. Professor Kramnick gave us a strong warning to not procrastinate and we should all spend appropriate time to studying all the material we have covered. I plan to treat this like any other exam I have done this year at school. The best thing to approaching such a big final, especially one that involves a lot of writing, is to take things one at a time. Whether is it studying different philosophers, or doing the actual exam, do not panic but pace yourself. I focus on one part and then methodically move to the next, which for me gets results. This simple method has served me well, and I hope it will continue to do so on the exam this Friday.

During our TA session, Simon G gave us some further instructions to prepare our final paper as well as the exam. Yesterday I had visited Baulch Hall to get a progress report on the paper. He gave me good critiques on how to rework the structure, given the paper as of now is seven pages, but reassured me everything else such as the analysis and the contextual support was sound. I promise myself not to let him down and I will surely work out a paper that will surpass my drafts.

Aside from the final exam and paper, I will miss Cornell for a lot of reasons. It seems that it took the end of the second week to really get used to knowing other people well enough. I realize that the time is going by extremely fast. Even though I wish things could be a little different such as getting to know more people better, I remain resolute in my goal to finish this course strong.

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  1. Andrew,

    Stand strong and resolute as you steel yourself for that final exam. You have a study methodology that works for you so stick with it.