Monday, July 12, 2010

Only five days left!

I woke up today very early for some reason, so I decided to email my T.A. my Plato essay. When I went to send it to him, I found that my second draft which I worked so hard on had been deleted or lost. I’m not sure exactly what happened, all I know is that it was gone. I was frantically searching for, but I couldn’t find it, so I just had to suck it up and begin typing. Only by grace did I wake up that early, which enabled me to retype my essay, get dressed, eat breakfast, and still get to class on time. Once I finished my essay around 8:15 this morning, I made sure to save it about a hundred times (not really only about 3), just to be safe.
We walked to class, and enjoyed our lecture regarding the very conservative Edmund Burke. He basically was the only person who supported the French tyrant, and didn’t approve of the French revolution. Burke wanted to preserve or “conserve” all traditional ideas, hence the name conservatism. After the lecture we went to our T.A. session’s and discussed main themes, passages, and quotes from Edmund Burkes’ readings. We continue to have very interesting discussions within our discussion groups that really help the understanding of each philosopher.
From our sectionals we went to lunch. Lunch seems to take forever, because we always have a great amount of time left on our hands after we eat. Today we passed the time by, watching various youtube videos. After the videos we all went to separate classes for our writing workshop. In the workshop we did extensive peer evaluations with each other’s papers. The writing portion of the day went by fairly quickly. We arrived back at our dorms, and we almost immediately went to go play pool. Pool has lately been a great source of fun for us. Dinner is a bit better Appel, now that the adult school has come in, but I can tell the same food selection daily will become an issue. Well that’s all for today folks!

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  1. I am impressed by how well you handled the problem, Andrew!
    Ms. K