Saturday, July 10, 2010

Simple Sentences Saturday

Day 17/ The Colgate Cavilers

Miscommunication led me to Staler Hotel in the early morning.
I was one of the few people walking around campus that early.
Apparently, Ms. Kaplan wanted to pick us up at Donlon instead.
Regardless, it was still a good morning walk; I saw a lot squirrels.
I helped carry a bag full of yesterday's bagels to the van.
There were ants inside that bag of bagels!
We threw the bag away but we had lots of ant stowaways with us as we drove to Colgate.
The road grew foggier and foggier as we neared our destination.
Colgate University is quite isolated and makes up more than half of Hamilton's city population.
Our tour guide for today, Benjamin, was from San Diego, California.
Colgate in my opinion, seemed like a great school.
It's good for the special attention.
It focuses a lot on their athletes.
There is a lot of school spirit.
Plus, the campus is beautiful.
Though I might apply to this school, I think I'm still liking Rochester more.
But then again: it's the students that makes the best of their education.
Before heading back to Cornell, we ate at the Mexican Iguana Restaurant.
Lunch was one of the best ever!
I had an "Iguana Roll" and a Shirley Temple drink.
On our way back, we made a quick stop at a dislocated flea market.
I did buy something there, but I was not ripped off like Chris.
He almost lost 5 dollars;the woman forgot to count all 15 dollars that were supposed to go to Chris.
I never thought that hanging with my mom for so many flea market trips would prove to be so helpful.
Back at Cornell, I joined my Qatar friends for bowling. I won the game and I had a great time.
Karaoke night was on my mind after dinner.
In addition,I'm working on a photo project for the Cornells times.
I just need about six more willing people to take their portraits.
Karaoke rounded up the rest of the evening.
My heart still pounds from all that excitement.
Now, I am very tired. I shall blog more tomorrow

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