Thursday, July 15, 2010


It's Thursday here in Cornell, and we are inching up to our last moments, which are dedicated to our final report. We've had 3 hours of office hours first thing in the morning to make sure everyone is making significant progress. My group finally got together, each worked together on the different segments, helping one another here and other with his/her part, and editing altogether. We were very productive during those office hours, as we finished our business letter to the Bank of Syracuse, the introduction, conclusion, and were in the process of determining our market analysis, expense setting strategy, and revenue management strategy.

Next we had a two and a half hour lecture on analyzing behavioral styles, which if you go back, is what we determined during our first week here. So this was a nice, little, wrap-up in learning why every single person in the group is equally important. To summarize what Tom Shampoo, president of the Effectiveness Institute, Inc., said:

Controller: wants RESULTS/walks fast/speaks fast/creates conflict within the group
Strength: "big picture" people, separates facts from feelings

Persuader: positive/optimistic/intuitive/energy provider/with a smile
Strength: verbal skill, extremely flexible/impulsive/gives away trust

Stabilizer: "systems-people," wants to develop relationships/create harmony
Strength: networking/talking/AVOIDS CONFLICT AT ALL COSTS

Analyzer: private people/never forget something
Strength:"systems-task," wants quality, accuracy, perfection, looks back
at history to make judgments/takes things personally.

I found that my style, Analyzer-Stabilizer, perfectly fit these descriptions.

All right, enough fun, I must get back to finishing the report!

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