Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Last Afternoon Nap

Tomorrow is our final crunch time. We’ve been taking it fairly easy this week, I’ve been coming home every day and I don’t feel nearly as overwhelmed as I felt last week. I’m actually pretty calm, and I know it’s almost over, I feel like it’s all done already. 

After class today I went to the Cornell Store, and then back to the dorms. I took my last afternoon nap before dinner today. Tomorrow our schedule’s a little different and we’re going to be in class for most of the day. We don’t have heavy lectures or anything; instead we have office hours for most of the day to work on and finish our final group report. Honestly, I think our report is in pretty good shape right now; we have all the parts distributed and it seems like we’re making really good progress. Tomorrow we really just need to go through everything and edit, hopefully. That’s the plan as of now.

For dinner tomorrow, a couple of hotelies are going out with some of our TA’s. I think it’ll be a really nice good-bye dinner. I hate good-byes, I always get all emotional, always. I think I just tend to get attached to people around me, I just get used to having people around, and then when I think about not having them around anymore, it makes me sad.

The best thing to do is just enjoy the rest of the time we have left. We have one full class day, one day to turn everything in, and one graduation ceremony. Then we have a car ride, two plane rides, and one final car ride home. It’s so close, yet still seems so unreal. While at first everything was going by calmly and slowly, now I can’t believe it almost about to be over!

Tonight, I’m going to work on my part for our project and send it to my group members before tomorrow morning. It’s weird, but even though I have been getting sleep throughout the day, I still feel tired! I’m so excited to be able to sleep in my own bed soon!

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  1. Jacky,

    There’s nothing like sleeping in your own bed.

    This whole afternoon napping thing—is this something you picked up in Ithaca or is this something you picked up at home and brought with you?