Saturday, July 10, 2010

Crusade to Colgate

I felt excited and ready to go this morning because we Kramnick kids and Hotelies were heading out on an adventure, to the illustrious Colgate University (and yes, same person as Colgate toothpaste). We met up downstairs in the Donlon hall lobby at approximately 7:45 this morning. We all packed in the car, and embarked upon our 2 hour drive from Cornell University, to Colgate University. The car ride wasn’t bad, in fact it was quite interesting any time you ride with Mrs. Kaplan it’s interesting to say the least.
During the car ride some slept, listened to music, danced in the small confinement of the car, and talked about things not important enough to mention. On our way driving we believe we saw the location in which the little rascals was made, “he man women hater’s club.” It was a very scenic route and we finally arrived to the extremely secluded Colgate University. Once we entered the lovely arched doors, we talked to a Colgate student from Sunnyvale, California. She was very interesting and said she recommends Colgate because of all the attention and help she gets from her professors, and out of all her college friends, by far she’s the happiest. This was an upside for Colgate, and the icing on the cake for me was the free coffee, tea, and hot chocolate.
We then went to go to an informational session, and learned a lot of “information” about Colgate, it was very interesting. After the informational session, we had a campus tour in which we viewed all the wonders of Colgate. It was very intriguing and even more interesting than the informational session.
We drove back for another interesting ride, stopping at a yard sale, and a chicken fundraiser for “Dryden” baseball. We arrived back to our dorms and went to begin very minimal work. After which we went to play billiards and this too was extremely fun. Once we were done playing pool, we went to the Karaoke night. It was very fascinating, seeing one of our own ILC members Dyana, perform, and by far she was the best, and was recognized for it. We left karaoke at around 11:15, and then commenced blogging and preparing for bed. Goodnight all.

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