Friday, July 9, 2010

To sleep or not to sleep

After I finished my individual CHESS report at 7:00 AM, I got my things ready for class. I had the report on my USB and I also sent it to my email for backup. I grabbed some breakfast with Jacky and Chris Gileta, our friend from class. We then walked to class, where we had a video conference with two graduates from the Cornell Hotel School who were affected by the flooding of the Gaylord Oryland Hotel in Nashville, Tennessee. Unfortunately, I could not tell you much about it because I found it very difficult to stay awake after not sleeping. I felt bad because Mark came up to me and asked if I was ok. I think we lose points for falling asleep in class.

Many students were really stressed out last night about finishing the report on time, which was noon, so today, Mark announced that it would be extended to 3:00 PM. I was a bit indifferent because I didn’t think I had to change too many things. However, when I got to the lab, I realized my captions for the charts and graphs didn’t show up when printed, so Gina, our TA, helped me, and I finished at 1:50 PM. I ran off to get lunch and then back to the dorms.

I honestly don’t remember what happened, but I woke up somehow in my bed, sweating profusely to the beautiful scent of rain. I looked out the window, and it was seriously raining. It felt so good to see rain this week, since it’s been as humid as the Sahara. I told Forrest “Why are you awake on a Saturday morning at 7:00 AM?” He told me it was still Friday. Just then, the gang came to my room and told me they wanted to play Frisbee outside in the rain. I immediately agreed. It was so fun, even Forrest came with us for the first time. We stood outside in the pouring rain throwing a frisbee around. It really woke me up. Then I finally went to do my laundry and afterward, Alex, Andrew x2, and Jordan, Andrew G.’s roommate and our friend, went to play pool in the nearby building. We had a lot of fun, playing 6 games.

It was 10:00 PM. I called home and talked to my sister for about 40 minutes. Then I headed to take a shower, but first, I ordered a cheeseburger from a place that said it would take an hour to deliver, so I had time. I waited downstairs for about 20 minutes, and then saw on my phone I had voicemail. The phone service completely sucks here in the dorms, for everyone. I ended up waiting an hour and half for my food to arrive because they didn’t know where I was staying. I didn’t want to leave the door because then I might miss them, but I had no service to call them back. We communicated back and forth around 5 times until my burger arrived. It was really worth the wait.

I am really tired right now (1:37 AM) as I got little sleep and we have to wake up in like 6 hours to go to Colgate University. Goodnight.

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