Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Second Thursday in ABCs

Day 15/Ladies First

Ate at Appel at around 7:45 in the morning.

Breakfast with Alex, the Andrews, and Jordan.

Cheerios and bananas (again.)

Discussing the main philosophers that advocated for women's rights.

East Coast weather: still hot and humid. (unusual for Ithaca, which is usually rainy.)

Favorite seat in class was taken; I must come earlier next time.

"Good Morning Professor Kramnick!" - how we always start the class.

Had a lecture regarding De Gouges, Wollstonecraft, J.S. Mill.

Inspiring role models: all three thinkers were very modern for their times.

Jam-packed as usual at Trillium, the place where we eat lunch.

Kaplan met up with us with Abby Eller (Cornell's Summer College Director) for lunch.

Lunch today: Lo Mein and Orange Chicken.

Making conversation at the table was hard; the room was so loud to talk over!

Next guest lecture: Allen Mittmon - a retired lawyer that used to work in the field of business.

On his main case: Häagen-Dazs vs. Frusen Glädjé (Are these two ice cream brands too alike?)

Presentation by Mr. Mittmon was entertaining and engaging.

Quest to Staton Hotel after class: I needed forms for leaving campus during the weekend.

Read J.S. Mill for tonight's reading. (Along with Plato and MLK, Mill is one of my favorites.)

Stayed in a study hall in the RPCC Building. (Why? Their air condition of course!)

Tomorrow's plans after class: The Museum of the Earth (a museum about dinosaurs!)

Unbelievable that Cornell Summer Camp has gone by so quickly - it's almost over.

Vending machine water bottles are too expensive per bottle; must buy a large pack now!

Weekend is almost here; everyone on campus is ready for the upcoming activities!

Xtremely warm in the residents hall right now; I hope I can sleep tonight.

Yes, I am having a blast at Cornell! After all, it's "gorges"!


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  1. How creative! I bet you are very good at crossword.