Thursday, July 8, 2010

Hey Mommy!

I woke up extremely hot this morning, and I was puzzled because usually no matter how hot it is at night I don’t wake up that hot. When I got up to get dressed I realized that I had the fan turned backwards, so the air was blowing opposite of, hence I was hot. Hopefully tonight I won’t make the same mistake. I talked to my mom this morning for the first time in a while because she recently went to Atlanta, Georgia to visit her twin. Love you mommy. Talking to her kicked off my day to a good start. At breakfast I got the same thing again minus the pastry; fruit, juice, and cereal.
We headed to lecture, today we focused on Women’s rights activist, and their revolutionary works in the 18th century; Mary Wollstonecraft, and Marie Olympus De Gouges, and even towards the end talked about John Stuart Mill. Lecture was pretty interesting, especially discussing something like women’s rights, because these writers were advocating for things something that seems so simple as equal rights for both sexes, even to the extent of risking their lives (De gouges was guillotined). I’m glad America has opened its eyes on this matter, but there is always room for improvement especially in the field of socialization and advertisement. After lecture in our study groups we discussed the same things as in lecture, but only focusing on Wollstonecraft, and De Gouges.
From there we proceeded to have lunch at Trillium. Today was a special a special lunch because we all ate with our GREAT chaperone Mrs. Kaplan, and Abby Eller an administrator at Cornell University. It was good experience just talking with them, and enjoying their company. After lunch we had a special guest speaker, Allen Mittman, a lawyer. He was one of the lawyers representing Hagaan Daze in a copy right lawsuit. Basically the distributor for Hagaan Daze, created and sold an almost identical product. In the court case what was decided was that imposters would change their label and things of that nature, hence eliminating their product, have you heard of Frangsen Daje?
Today was very interesting, and I enjoyed almost every minute of it. I look forward to tomorrow, I wonder if we are still visiting the Amish people? I’ll let you guys know what happens!

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