Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Mid-Term Terminated

Today was the day of our mid-term examination. Yesterday, I devoted most of my time trying to study in the intense heat that left me stained with sweat. I took two showers in the course of the night and next morning. When we arrived at Mallot Hall, at first I was a bit nervous about taking the test given it is of college caliber and goes for college credit. Professor Kramnick did not hesitate to pass out the exams and I immediately jumped on the exam; circling which questions to answer and read through them. The one thing that really required my focus was the essay question, which provided three possibilities in which we must choose one to complete. I looked over three of them, chose one of the harder of the three. The topic I decided to my essay as part of the one-hour examination concerned the issue of private property, in which we had to compare and contrast liberal and Christian views on it; specifying to cite Locke, Aquinas, and Christ. I had all this knowledge but trying to write it down with respect to the questions the prompt requires more effort. But lucky to say, I got through the essay and did a good job with the quotes which were pretty easy to identify their origin and significance. The exam was not bad at all and I hope the future work will be challenging but enlightening such as today’s.

After the exam and our following writing workshop, the ILC guys went to the Robert Purcell Community Center to relax with a game of billiards. This was the first time I played a game since with my friends at a party. It was extremely funny to see myself occasionally miss, or really lots of times, hitting the ball. Andrew Gonzalez ended up winning with the sinking of the 8-ball but I still had a fun time laughing and chilling in the air conditioned game room.

Right now, I plan to watch a little bit of the remaining World Cup game between Spain and Germany and then meet with the others to do our reading for tomorrow. We are halfway and got another half to work for.


  1. Congratulations! I am proud of all of you-
    Ms. K

  2. Thanks to AP Lit for excellent preparation.